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Generally accepted wisdom has it that humankind's greatest achievements have been the product of opposable thumbs. That ability to build and maneuver tools, weapons, pencils, keyboards, cell phones and wireless Web devices has also equipped our species to plan ahead - to create the future of our dreams. Further proof of this truth can be found in Savannah today, where the rudder that steers progress toward a diversified, high wage regional economy bears the thumbprints of Coastal BETA.

Coastal BETA is the Business, Education and Technology Alliance of Coastal Georgia and South Carolina. Founded in 1995 by business leaders and visionaries certain that - anchored by Savannah's business, education and technology infrastructure - the richly historic and scenic region can enjoy the benefits of a thriving technology economy. With certainty and opposable thumbs, this group set about the work of achieving its vision for the future.

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Today, approaching its tenth anniversary, BETA's member roll has grown, its Board and Advisory Board are a who's who of community leadership, its intensely active volunteer corps spearhead local initiatives that support its mission, and its success has earned the reputation for making things that matter happen.

bulletCoastal BETA has played a key role in the development of a Savannah-based Georgia Tech Regional Engineering Program (GTREP) campus and the creation of an innovative ICAPP (Intellectual Capital Partnership Program) that provide higher education opportunities targeting engineering students with an interest in regional employment opportunities.

bulletCoastal BETA instigated and supports the Advanced Technology Development Center technology incubator at Savannah.

bulletCoastal BETA was pleased in 2001, when Savannah-founded H.O. Systems (now VeriSign) was selected as the first non-metro Atlanta Yamacraw Design Center Company. At the time, VeriSign vice-president Hart Williford was the Coastal BETA's 2001 president, and now continues to serve Coastal BETA through its Secondary School Initiative subcommittee.

Coastal BETA is a community-membership organization for businesses, educators and technology groups that share the vision of Savannah and the coastal region as a relevant technology center offering a high wage growth economy to its citizens.


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