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Savannah Science Seminar

WELCOME to the Engineering Technology for Ocean Exploration (Biomimicry) HOWSession II

On Monday the 14th of January 2019 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm, the 12th Savannah Science Seminar Presentation will be on "How to Build a Radio Operated underwater Vehicle (ROV)". Your presentor, Cordinator for Institute for Interdisciplinary STEM Education, Dr. Kania Greer, along with SSS Board Members and program facilitators Lydia Moore, and Jim Goodlett will be at the host site, Chatham County Aquatic Center.

Brief OUTline:
Among a vast array of information you will be getting, the following is a brief outline to the presentation:
· Splash Down!
· Ballasting and Buoyancy Control AND Piloting and Navigation for the ROV Challenge

Brief Biography:
Dr. Kania Greer
Dr. Kania Greer is the Coordinator for the Institute for Interdisciplinary STEM Education under the College of Education at Georgia Southern University. In this capacity she works with students, teachers, and faculty to engage all learners in hand’s on activities that promote STEM Learning. Dr. Greer’s background is in counseling psychology and informal science learning (learning outside of classrooms). She received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Georgia Southern University in 2011 and took over as coordinator of the STEM Institute in 2017. Since that time she has engaged learners at a variety of informal learning venues including STEMFest, School STEM Nights, DragonCon, Gray’s Reef, and many others. She is currently working with other faculty on several grant funded projects to enhance STEM education in the State of Georgia and provide opportunities for all students to engage in STEM.

The following are directions for getting to the Seminar:
From the Downtown.

1. Heading south on Abercorn, turn left onto Eisenhowever (you will then be heading east).
2. After you pass Waters Avenue, the next light will be Sally Mood Drive.
3. Take a right at Sally Mood Drive, which will now have you heading south.
4. About a 1/2 mile up on the left, just past the second set of softball fields, is the Chatahm County Aquatic Center. Park anywhere in the front, save for the handicap space.



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