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Savannah Science Seminar

WELCOME to the Gamification and Human Factors Engineering HOWsession sponsored by

On Monday the 25th of February 2019 from 5:45pm to 9pm*, the 15th Savannah Science Seminar HOWsession** (Hands On Workshop) will focus on Gamification and Human Factors Engineering in Aviation. Your Gulfstream presenters, Dale Colter, Bob Farrell, Susan Taylor, Alex Rummel, Coleen Nilson, Vincent Foley, Mark Carnes, Whitney Holt, Walter Dumas and SSS Board Members/program facilitators Jim Goodlett and Jim Gallagher will be your hosts at Gulfstream, RDC III Lobby*** off Crossroads Parkway.



* NOTE that this seminar starts an hour and fifteen minutes earlier than normal so please be on time as there is only ONE scheduled escort from the front lobby of RDC III. After such time, no one else will be admitted.

** This is a student only seminar due to security restrictions at Gulfstream's plant site. Unfortunately, no parents/guardians will be allowed to accompany the student so please make your travel arrangements accordingly.

*** Students are required to bring a Government issued photo ID (like a Driver License) for admittance onto Gulfstream property. Safety glasses are also required and will be provided by Gulfstream. A reminder that no open toe shoes are allowed on the premises.


Brief OUTline:

5:45–6:20pm   Students and escorts meet at RDC III Lobby for badges
6:20-6:30pm   Sign-in and break into 5 teams
6:30–8:15pm   HOWsession starts
8:15–8:45pm   HOW wrap-up/discussion
8:45-9:00pm    Return badges and Adjourn

Brief Biographies:

Robert Farrell
Bob Farrell is currently the Manager of the Integration Test Facility (ITF) at Gulfstream. The ITF provides an engineering environment to develop next generation systems as well as validate current design integration. We have two fixed-based simulators that provide pilot-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop dynamic test capabilities. Bob has 15 years avionics development experience while working at both Honeywell and Gulfstream.

While at Gulfstream, Bob supported the GIV-SP Avionics upgrade, GV Flight Test, PlaneView Avionics upgrade for the GV-SP & GIVX. During a three-year contract with Honeywell in the Air Transport Division, he supported Flight Management System development. Bob holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is an 11-year member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Jim Gallagher
Jim Gallagher is a Program Director responsible for the in-service fleet of Gulfstream aircraft. In his Entry Into Service role, Jim supports in-service fleet issues, working design, quality and operational issues for the in-service Gulfstream fleet. Jim holds a Bachelor Degree in Aeronautcal Engineering from University of Manchester; Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State and an MBA from Georgia Southern University and is a 25 year member of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


The following are directions for getting to the Seminar:
From I-95 heading north to Exit 106, Jimmy Deloach Parkway.

A. Heading north on I-95, turn right (eastward) off Exit 106 onto Jimmy Deloach Parkway.

B. Take first right onto Crossroads Parkway

C. Turn left AFTER Innovation Drive, and parking in either parking lot to the right or left of RDC III as seen in smaller picture below.

D. Proceed into the lobby and you will be assembled there for badges

E. Wait in the front lobby of RDC III until all students have assembled. It is imperative that everyone is on time to this session!




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