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Savannah Science Seminar

WELCOME to the Blast Off to the ROCKETRY Seminar

On Monday the 8th of April 2019, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, the 18th Savannah Science Seminar Presentation will be on Rocketry. Your presenter and SSS Board Member/program facilitator John Calvert will be at the host site of Savannah Christian Preparatory School in the school library here in Savannah Georgia.

Among a vast arrary of information you will be getting, the following is a brief outline to the presentation:
* Basic rocketry principles.
* The Physics of flight and rocketry.
* How rocket motors work.
* How aerodynamics work on rocket airframes and parachutes.
* Comparisons with real world rockets and machines.

Brief Biography:
John Calvert

Mr. John Calvert is a graduate of Central Missouri State University. Mr. Calvert is an aeronautical engineer and has studied rocketry since childhood. He has instructed numerous groups of students (of all ages, remembering that some of us are still young adults (if not kids at heart)) on the science of rocketry.

Mr. Calvert currently holds a position with a private aeronautical engineering company, LMI Aerospace, which manufactures winglets and panels (skins) for companies like Gulfstream. Previously he was the Sales Engineer for Nordam Group when they were working with Gulfstream Aeropsace. Mr. Calvert has an FAA airframe and powerplant license, including having an inspectors licensure!

The following are the directions for getting to the Rocketry Seminar held at Savannah Christian Preparatory School:
Heading South from Downtown.

1. Travel east on I-16, exit the Chatham Parkway exit.

2. At the top of the ramp, turn left or north, and take your first left into the Savannah Christian Prepatory School campus.
3. Go approximentally 1,000 feet and stop at the Middle School building on your left as shown in the map below.
4. Proceed to the library where the session will be held.

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