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Savannah Science Seminar

WELCOME to the Blast Off to the Rocketry Competition Launch

On Saturday the 18th of May 2019 from 11am - 3pm, the 21st and final Savannah Science Seminar of the year will be our closing session on Rocketry. Your presenters Jim Goodlett, Jim Gallagher, Paul Taylor and John Calvert along with SSS Board Members, will be at our new host site: Sylvania Airport, GA

Among a vast array of information you will be getting, the following is a brief outline to the presentation:
* 10:45am, student/parent sign-in
* 11-12:30pm
, introductions, agenda, instructions and assembly of rocket, motors, altimeters, and payload PLUS Subway box lunches and bottled water provided by SSS for all attending
* 12:30pm, blast off rockets into space
* 2:30-3pm,  presentation of member completion certificates and top three awards

CLICK HERE for launch/competition rules!!!!!

1. bottled water, Subway sandwiches and chips for you and your family
2. 3 canopy tent
s under which lunch will be served and some additional munchies (cookies, pretzels)
3. and plenty of expertise to help!

1. your rockets!
2. foldable chairs and comfortable shoes as we're on a sod farm
3. cameras and/or video cams if you want shots of your rocket going up up and away
4. a tent if you want to be in the shade
5. running shoes so you can retrieve your rockets as you never know if the wind picks up


* In the case of inclement weather the Launch may be cancelled by Friday May 17th and we will send out an email.

Brief Biography:
John Calvert

Mr. John Calvert is a graduate of Central Missouri State University. Mr. Calvert is an aeronautical engineer and has studied rocketry since childhood. He has instructed numerous groups of students (of all ages, remembering that some of us are still young adults (if not kids at heart)) on the science of rocketry.

Mr. Calvert currently holds a position with a Gulfstream Aerospace after leaving a private aeronautical engineering company, LMI Aerospace, which manufactures winglets and panels (skins) for companies like Gulfstream. Previously he was the Sales Engineer for Nordam Group when they were working with Gulfstream Aeropsace. Mr. Calvert has an FAA airframe and powerplant license, including having an inspectors licensure!


The following are the directions for getting to the Rocketry Competition Launch:
From Downtown, the drive is about 1 hour, 4 minutes in time, or around 52.9 miles.

1. Leaving downtown, Take GA-21 northwest towards Effingham County for 50.6 miles heading towards Sylvania Georgia.

3. At around mile 50.6, look for signage on the left side of the road for the PLANTATION AirPark (ARPK). Turn left onto Airport Road.

4. From Airport Road, turn left onto Becon Road which will take you into the airport area...

PLEASE NOTE: This is an active airport with real airplanes so drive slowly and be on the lookout for planes and people walking!





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