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Savannah Science Seminar

WELCOME to the Building Information Management (BIM)
and WEBcentrification Seminar

On Monday the 15th of October 2018 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, the 4th Savannah Science Seminar Presentation will be on the use of Building Information Management Applications and WEB tools utilized to communicate design parameters with the client, and manage a property's building systems remotely after it has been constructed. Your presenters Huy Ngo and Jim Goodlett will be at the host site of SCAD's School of Building Arts at 229 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Savannah Ga 31401, here in downtown Savannah Georgia (*see specific directions below).

Brief OUTline:
Among a vast array of information you will be getting, the following is a brief outline to the presentation:
* Computer Aided Design (2D and 3D)
* Computer Aided Imaging
* Post Construction Building Information Management (VIDoIP security, HVAC).
* WEB based Communication Tools (Vo-IP, Streaming Video, Collaborative
   design tools).

Brief Biographies:

Huy S. Ngo
Mr. Huy S. Ngo (pronounced We' No) is the former Chair of the Architecture Department and a Professor of Architecture and Electronic Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He received his undergraduate Bachelor of Architecture degree at Texas Tech University in 1989 and Master of Architecture Degree at Texas Tech University in 1992. Director Ngo has practiced architecture in Texas and New Mexico, and has worked on variety of projects that involve utilizing electronic design tools to analyze, synthesize, and test energy efficiency design concepts. He has been teaching Architecture and Computer Aided Design courses for the last 10 years. Just recently, Bentley Systems, Incorporated, makers of MicroStation products, named SCAD Director Huy Ngo as Educator of the Year. As well, Professor Ngo was named the head of the Technology Committee for the ACSA.

Professor Ngo has previous led the Electronic Design Integration Program for the nine departments within the School of Building Arts and School of Design. These departments are: Architecture, Interior Design, Historic Preservation, Product Design, Furniture Design, Metal and Jewelry Design and Fashion and Fibers. His teaching and research focuses on the application and integration of high technology in the Design Profession. He has extensive knowledge of Design, Design Process, Computing Technology, and Computer Aided Design, which are currently being applied towards teaching a variety of electronic design courses among all the aforementioned departments. He is actively involved in the Online Learning Program at the Savannah College of Art and Design and is assisting in the implementation of such program, including offering various Design Studio courses with supplemental information ONline to traditional students.

Jim Goodlett
Jim Goodlett is the President of Morris Technology, a back-end systems automation company that integrates high technology into the media space. Mr. Goodlett received his Bachelor of Architecture degree at Texas Tech University in 1987 and Master of Architecture Degree (emphasis in electronic design office management) at Texas Tech University in 1990. Mr. Goodlett began his career in the building and construction management profession, and applied his working knowledge towards the earned degrees for the design of form and space in relationship to the 4 building systems - Envelope, Interior, Structural, and Mechanical Systems. In the midst of his education, Mr. Goodlett began experimenting with a formalized methodology of integrating electronic design tools into the design process to communicate systems to the building team - architects, engineers, interior designers, project managers, contractors, planning commissions, zoning boards, and the client. Aptly, his Master's Thesis was on the use of virtual systems (VR) to manage the systemic flow of data, information, and knowledge related to the design of architectural form.

Mr. Goodlett had taught electronic design process and tools to designers at several Universities, while also running a digital imaging company (3Dcom) which worked with design professionals in need of communication media and formatted presentations for planning boards, zoning commissions, historic review boards, TV commercials, as well as imaging to aid the client's understanding of the building form and typology. Before moving to Morris Technology, Mr. Goodlett previously held positions as the Director of Emerging technology for Verisign, the Chief Information Architect at HOsystems, as well as VP of ONline Learning at SCAD. In his role at SCAD, he worked with the academic and administrative departments to WEBcentrify the learning process, experience, and knowledge transfer so that any student in any class would be able to get supplemental information online any time of the day from anywhere in the world. With Verisign and HOsystem, Mr. Goodlett's charge was to work with the Wireless division to integrate new technologies for clients in the telecommunications space, as well as WEBcentrifying communication mediums - INTRAnets and EXTRAnets - that are integral and vital components of the way in which the business world operates. Now with Morris Technology, Mr. Goodlett's role is to set the strategic technological direction for a sister company (Morris Multimedia, which has 98 media companies), lead a team that integrates back office system technology, as well as advise on investing in technology companies with the media space.

The following are directions for getting to the Seminar:
229 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Savannah Ga 31401
Once in Downtown.

1. Going west on Liberty Street in the downtown, you will hit the intersection of MLK Blvd and Liberty...Directly to the northwest corner of that intersection is the Savannah Visitors Center. One building to the north of it is a red brick SCAD building called Eichberg Hall.

2. Turn right onto MLK. In between the Visitors Center and Eichberg Hall is a city parking lot that you can park in as seen in the map below.


3. By the parking lot, walk up to the south side entrance to Eichberg Hall, which is adjacent to the aforementioned parking lot...The entrance is mid way down the one story sheds, facing the parking lot...There will be a greeter there waiting for you, who will direct you to one of several computer labs on the main floor.
* You will need to congregate in the lobby as entrance to SCAD rooms require SCAD escorts
. Please arrive NLT 6:45pm and groups will be escorted accordingly. This will allow the seminar to start on time at 7:00pm.

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